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A full-length, adventure musical feature film, THUNDEROUS tells the story of a fifteen year old girl who finds herself separated from her classmates on a field trip to the great Cliff Dwellings of the Anasazi Indians. Soon thrown into a beautiful and mysterious world of spirits, her only way home is to learn how to truly connect with the magic of her culture and her link to the earth. It’s a thrilling and inspiring Wizard of Oz-meets-Moana story with indigenous cultures and teachings woven throughout the most exciting adventure the world (and the spirit world) has ever seen!

Tim & Ollie's Wonder Yard

TIM & OLLIE’S WONDER YARD highlights Tim and Ollie's everyday fascination with nature, music, science, art, the big-wide-world, and all of the people who inhabit it! From his fantastical backyard set filled with all sorts of unique activity areas and friends, Tim and the cast takes the audience on an adventure each day to explore and answer their most curious questions!

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Little Bird

LITTLE BIRD, a large-scope and multi-generational family saga, exposes the devastating impact and repercussions of the “60’s Scoop” - the mass removal of Indigenous children from their families and their placement into the child-welfare system - in most cases without the consent of their families.


For years now, there has mysteriously been but one star left in the night sky. When it too finally

falls and a young girl finds it, she learns that fallen stars are far from a fairy tale. A star-hungry

beast, The Other Creature, hunts her as she sets off toward the only force powerful enough to

return a star to the sky - The Great Ocean. Unfortunately, her star soon bursts, releasing three lovable-but-mischievous Star Sprites! Luckily, she meets a young pickpocket who joins her on her exciting yet daunting journey to the ocean. But if they have any hope of returning the sprites to the sky to repopulate it, they’ll have to stay just steps ahead of The Other Creature, who’s

dangerously empowered by the now STARLESS sky above…

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Bear Force Five

An exciting eco-adventure series for kids 4-6, BEAR FORCE FIVE sets the course with a team

of spirited bear cubs and a determined 10 year old Indigenous boy named Mika. Together, they

make it their mission to look after and protect their diversely beautiful home, the Nekoti National

Park! A master toy partner is aligned with this series.

Nanook of the North

A young boy, NANOOK OF THE NORTH, calls the frigid and unforgiving Arctic his home. And

it seems to him that only the manliest of men survive and lead - though not always in the most

fair nor compassionate ways. Regardless, he sets his sights to be just like them - a “real man” -

and joins them on their man-only hunt for arctic foxes. They soon trap a litter of fox kits and vow

to hunt the mother, but when a great glacier calves away, separating Nanook from the others,

the boy is forced to work with the most unlikely partner - the mother fox. The two make a deal:

the fox will lead Nanook home if he promises to save her kits. And through their exciting

journey across the daunting-but-beautiful snowy landscape and through meeting all manner of

animals along the way, Nanook soon learns that a “real man” is far from his village’s toxic


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Big City, Little Delivery

big city little delivery company.jpg

The city bustles with life as people rush around, going about their busy lives. But amongst all

the big-city-human-chaos, who looks after the smaller citizens, the animals? Luckily, a chant

rings out: “Make way! Make way! The Little Delivery Company is here to save the day! No

delivery’s too big or too small, The L.D.C. can do it all!” It’s Chester and Charli - two little

mice and their tiny white van, delivering important packages to all of Big City’s animal

inhabitants! They may be small, but they’ll learn just how to tackle the big tasks in BIG CITY,


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