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About Wonderlore Studios

With influences found in diverse cultures, Wonderlore has an inspiring and unique voice steeped in tradition and spirituality. A voice rising from the land, it seamlessly overcomes both distance and differences, allowing a wide audience to dive deeply into its stories. Simply, it’s a voice that has been quiet in film and literature for too long.


Now spoken, it weaves throughout our stories as it describes harrowing adventures and transformative journeys. It breathes life into characters with spirit and passion, it adds melody to the songs of Mother nature and all her children. Often ringing out loudly, sometimes barely whispered, we’re grateful for its presence in the many forms of media and merchandise we create. 

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Our Mission

The voice of Wonderlore speaks of the human-truths we all share. These shared experiences have the power to unite us despite religious, cultural or geographical differences, making us feel more connected and understood. These truths include a need for love and acceptance, a desire for happiness, the unease of change and uncertainty, and the power felt in overcoming challenges. The fact that we all share in these experiences makes them relatable and memorable. They speak to us on a deep level and resonate with our understanding of the world, ourselves and each other.


Wonderlore’s mission is to develop not only beautiful, original stories that share these human-truths, but stories that are so powerful and impactful that they’re welcomed into every part of a child’s - and their family’s - life. With sound financial footing, brilliant creative leadership and seasoned business acumen, these original stories - along with acquired, existing properties - will be shared across all media platforms to a wide and hungry audience. 

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